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Disappeared in Belarus – Dzmitry Zavadsky and Anatol’ Krasouski (top),
Viktar Hanchar and Yury Zakharanka (bottom).

This is a case of a growing scandal with several prominent political figures disappeared in Belarus. Among them Dmitry Zavadski, Anatol’ Krasouski, Viktar Hanchar, Yury Zakharanka, Karpenka, Majsenia. Several witnesses, who defected Belarus, are blaming special death squad “Almaz” of Belarusian regime and the highest governmental figures as the ones, who were involved or directly ordered political assassinations.

  • Memorandum Dissapearances in Belarus, January 2004 by Christos Pourgourides
    Christos Pourgourides, a Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) reporter on high-profile disappearances in Belarus is indignant by the absence of reaction of the Belarusian authorities to the memorandum on the cases of the missing people. He says that this fact only confirms that his memorandum on high-profile disappearances is well-founded. If by the end of January winter session of the PARE assembles, its juridical committee would discuss the final report by Christos Pourgourides. There is strong evidence that the Belarusian authorities are involved to abductions of people and concealment of these cases.
  • Amnesty International address to President of Belarus 1/14/04
  • It gives a very strange impression that until now your government refused to give any cooperation to any investigation into the fate of the men who disappeared. We again urge you to change your attitude and answer the questions we mean, in behalf of the relatives of these men and because justice is so very important, not only for the world outside Belarus.

  • Human rights activists arrested in Minsk On Human Rights Day 12/10/2003
    The action We remember in defense of human rights and memory of the missing people in Belarus was held in Minsk on December 10, on the 55th anniversary of the Universal Human Rights Declaration. Natallia Kaliada, a journalist, a member of Human Rights Department of the Civil Initiative Charter 97, just standing with Dzmitry Zavadsky’s portrait, was detained… and brought the human rights activist to the Central Department of Internal Affairs.
  • We Remember Action Participant to Be Under Trial In Barysaw 09/01/2004
    The trial on the participant of the action We remember, Zubr activist Alyaksandar Monich is to take place on January 9 in Barysau
  • Website of Sviatlana Zavadskaya – the wife of disappeared in Belarus operator of Russian TV station Dmitry Zavadski, who was working at the time on material about Lukashenka regime.

  • Wives of disappeared in Belarus – Sviatlana Zavadskaya (left) and Iryna Krasouskaia